Anglers United, Inc,

Lake Havasu City Chapter

P.O. Box 1882, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405

“Improving the lake since 1992”

How we got started,

In 1992 a group of seven partners, Anglers United, AZ Department of Game & Fish, Bureau of Reclamation, California Department of Fish & Game, MWD of So. California & US Fish & Wildlife Service took on the largest warm water fisheries project ever undertaken in the United States, scheduled to take 10 years and at a cost of $28.5 million or $52.3 million in today’s dollars.  The plan was to improve 875 acres of Lake Bottom fish habitat by improving 42 separate Lake Havasu coves that were identified for improvement.  Most of the original structure was PVC & plastic, concrete culvert and woody materials to provide the base for the start of the lower food chain organisms and providing shelter for young fish.  Larger fish are attracted to the structure for the same reason and the cycle begins.  Completed in 2004.  Six shoreline fishing facilities were completed in 2004. Razorback Sucker & Bonytail Chub restocked in 2004.

Volunteers provided over 170,000 hours of labor.

Since completion of the project the majority of the habitat that has been placed in the lake consists of Brush Bundles.  While we have watched the fishery continue to grow as a result of the work that was done in the past we have run into a snag.  During the construction of the roads for the new development knows as the “Havasu Riviera”, a 550 acre development, the access to the BLM Partners Point was blocked for 2.5 years forcing the closure of Anglers United activity with the brush program and funding from the BLM.  The closure put a halt to any additional Brush Bundles being added to the lake during that time.

In a typical year there has been an average of 1000 bundles strategically placed in habitat coves.  With that being said we are 2500 bundles behind.  Many of the original structures have deteriorated and are in need of removal and/or replacement.

The re-opening to Partners Point took place in August of 2019.  Since that time we have been able to construct and place into designated coves 595 Brush Bundles and 633 Christmas trees.  Twelve new concrete Reef Balls and ten Georgia Cubes were constructed and placed in the lake.  They will be observed over the next twelve months to determine their success and issues with the Quagga Mussel.

Anglers United continues to work as a nonprofit, volunteer based organization.  We are not a fishing club.  We work with our partners on a conservation level at helping to maintain and improve the fishery here at Lake Havasu.  The monies that are raised are primarily from the annual Striper Derby, four fishing classes that are taught, T-shirt, hat & map sales, new member registrations and donations.

With all this being said…that’s why we are reaching out to you, the Anglers that are here to enjoy the benefits of money spent and thousands of hours of work from our great volunteers.  Anglers United and our partners plan to continue to provide the habitat needed to continue to make Lake Havasu one of the best fisheries on the West Coast.  With your help we can make this happen.  You can become a Life-Long member for $25 that includes a T-shirt or a map and a monthly emailed copy of our newsletter with updates of the progress being made by Anglers United and our partners.  Or…we welcome straight donations.

Happy Fishing!!