The artificial habitat structures outlined below represent truly remarkable innovations. The space-age material used allows for ease of construction and installation and provides a remarkably long, useful life. With life estimates ranging from 30-50 years, the cost effectiveness of these structures far surpasses that for conventional structures such as brush piles, etc. Developed and constructed to provide specific habitat needs for targeted fish species, these structures help bring warm water fisheries management into the 21st century. Anglers United is proud of the role we played in contributing to the development and testing of these structures. For more information concerning the availability, cost, or other information about these habitat structures, or the possibility of financial assistance for habitat projects, contact Anglers United. Click here for contact information.

Purpose: The broad leaves of the Fish-N-Tree provide excellent overhead cover for various fish. The Fish-N-Tree has been found extremely successful, especially when eight to twelve have been “planted” together to form a Fish-N -Forest. Forests are placed near natural weed beds, Crappie Condos, Bass Bungalows, brush piles, drop-offs, and ledges.

Description: A plastic Fish-N-Tree until consists of a three -foot stalk with six leaves. They are modular and can be connected to form trees of any length. Stalks from three to twenty-seven feet long have been used. Anchoring can be achieved using duck bill earth anchors, cement blocks, or other heavy objects.

Purpose: Brush Bundles provide escape and hiding cover for small fish.

Description: Christmas trees and bundles of tree or brush limbs are anchored to the lake bottom using cinder blocks.

Purpose: Crappie Condos provide escape and hiding cover for small fish by simulating conditions of natural brush piles. Placed adjacent to Fish-N-Forests, they take advantage of the synergistic effect of having ambush and escape cover together.

Description: The basic module is a 21-inch diameter plastic snow fence tube on end 4 ft tall with a plastic hat covering the top which provides shaping and prevents entry from the top. Galvanized fence stays provide vertical support , and a cement block provides anchoring. Models are clustered in groups of 10-20 units to form a condominium.

Purpose: A Bass Bungalow simulates a sunken log and is used primarily in known spawning areas. In addition to providing a cozy nesting area for spawning fish, it provides immediate escape cover for the fry.

Description: Construction material for the Bass Bungalow is similar to the Crappie Condo. Plastic snow fence is rolled to form a 16-inch-diameter tube 6 ft. long. Plastic zip ties hold the fencing to four plastic rings that provide shaping. Cement blocks are placed in each end to restrict entry and provide anchoring.

Purpose: The Magic Mushroom simulates a lily pad and provides overhead cover for all sizes of fish. The Mushroom is most useful in areas already popular with fish but may need cover for fish to remain for sustained periods of time. Natural grassy areas subject to intense sunlight would be a good example.

Description: The Magic Mushroom is constructed from a plastic hat similar to that used on the Crappie Condo. Flotation is placed under the hat, and a cable or rope is used to set the distance the hat floats from the bottom. Anchoring can be achieved by tying the rope to a cement block, earth anchor, or rock.

Purpose: Catfish Houses provide spawning cover for catfish and hiding cover for fry and other small fish.

Description: A catfish house consists of six 3-foot-long pieces of 8-inch–diameter polyethylene corrugated perforated drainage pipe formed into a pyramid. Strapping material, cable, or rope can be used to keep the pipes in the pyramid shape. Placing six inches of cement in one end of the pipe prevents entry from the one end and provides anchoring. Alternating the facing of the open ends is recommended.

Purpose: Geo Condos, minnow mansions, and super condos are generally placed in deeper water areas to attract fish.

Description: The basic module is constructed of a PVC pipe framework in various, large configurations. They are covered with plastic snow fencing.

A fishing dock with access for the physically challenged is perhaps the most satisfying and gratifying experience. It can be shaped and placed to extend over good places to fish or just deep water. Artificial habitat can be attached to the dock or placed around it to create a favorable fishing experience. Fishing docks and parking areas are excellent areas to place plaques or other forms of recognition for sponsors and to post fisheries interpretative displays. Angler United is exploring new design and construction techniques in an effort to produce the most efficient and cost effective dock possible.