The Annual Anglers United

“Just for Kids” Fishing Festival


The City of Tempe’s Come Out and Play event in conjunction with the Kids Fishing Festival took place in February, 2020 at Tempe Kiwanis Park.

More information and downloadable registration form HERE

Online registration form BELOW.

FREE event in cooperation with:

Arizona Game and Fish Department

City of Tempe

Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation

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No fishing license required for festival (8 am-Noon only!)

Don’t miss the Tempe Play Day event in conjunction with Kids Fishing Festival. Info (coming soon) HERE

Official Just for Kids Fishing Festival Registration Form

Anglers United, February 29, 2020 8:00 am - Noon at: Kiwanis Park, Tempe, AZ


As parent or guardian of above-named child, I certify that the said child has my permission to attend and participate in the above mentioned Just for Kids Fishing Festival, held on the date, time, and location. In signing this form, I hereby waive and release all other participants, host sponsors, and all other officials or parties in the Fishing Festival from all claims and/or damage in connection with this Just for Kids Fishing Festival. I also herby grant the sponsors and co-sponsors unconditional right to use the name, voice, and photographic likeness of the child in connection with any of their audio or visual production, articles, or press releases, but not as an endorsement.

A copy of this form will be emailed to you. Please bring this completed registration form with you to avoid delays.

FREE Raffle for all registered qualified participants FREE Casting Skill Contest FREE "Goodie Bag" to all registered participants FREE Display booths, demonstrations, and exhibits FREE Lunch for all registered participants   KIDS FISHING FESTIVAL RULES:
  • No fishing license required for adults (and children) while participating in the event (8:00 am to Noon only)
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own fishing equipment, as loaned equipment will be limited
  • All participants must register and have a signed consent form by a parent or guardian
  • Participants may either keep or release their fish. If the participant chooses to keep their fish, a cooler
or container must be provided to transport their fish home. Note: Do not transport live fish.
  • Limit of (2) fish per child in designated festival areas.
  • Stamp card must be completed to obtain free child lunch coupon
Parents/Guardians are encouraged to assist their children while fishing Participants are encouraged to view the educational booths the day of the festival